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Submerge yourself.

26. No not really. I’m quite happy with everyone at the moment.

28. We both came to the realization that we should be just friends and that was all. She still holds a place in my heart but she is just a friend.

39. No one in particular, I enjoy cuddling with just about anyone or anything

44. I actually have not, even in my darkest times I’ve never done either of those things.

46. A lot more than I probably should, but I take life by the day and although some are worse than others and I do get down on myself I can always pick myself up. Its my way of life.

This is a personal Anon and I’m not too sure who you are but I think you are someone I know. Why should I rethink 20? 

Also you asked me on my other blog which is the one I dont post to anymore so I know this is someone I know.